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Covid protocols

Since the start of the pandemic, we have invested heavily in new safety processes, cross infection control, enhanced PPE and technology to ensure St Anne's Dental Practice remains a safe, clinical environment for our patients and colleagues.

Our teams have been equipped with reinforced fluid-resistant surgical gowns, full length disposable plastic aprons, FFP3 respirator mask (the highest medical mask available), disposable full-face visor, disposable gloves, surgical boots or closed shoes, disposable boot covers and more. Unlike many other dental practices, we are not passing any costs of this additional enhanced PPE onto you.

Our patient journey has been refined to ensure social distancing is maintained and our internal environment remains safe. We even use approved cleaning products meeting approved EN14476 standard cleaning agents.

All surgeries go through a rigorous sanitisation process between each patient. This includes state of art air purification units which have been added to all relevant surgeries, ensuring we can continue to safely offer all dental treatments, including those which create air borne particles known as aerosols. These air purifiers run after every aerosol generating appointment (AGP) to fully filter the air within the surgery, removing and killing any airborne viruses, bacteria, pollutants or allergens.

We hope that the above ensures that you can rest assured when visiting that every step has been taken to ensure the safety of you and our team. If you would like more information on the safety measures in place, please call us on 01273 473189 or email