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We’re COVID SECURE and continue to welcome new and existing patients to the practice...

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Following the lifting of restrictions from 19th July, the safety of our patients, team and community continues to be our priority. We are therefore maintaining our existing safety measures.

Masks should continue to be worn in our practice by both patients and colleagues. Social distancing, along with all previous safety measures, also remains in place.

Sam's smile restoration

Sam came to St Anne's Dental Practice for his routine dental health review some time ago and needed treatment. This was put off for a while but eventually, Sam decided to go ahead in order to protect his oral health and prevent further problems. Sam needed a root canal, a crown and a filling.

What we did

We started with the root canal treatment which was completed over 2 appointments. At the second appointment we took an impression of his teeth to send to our highly skilled technicians to make the crown. After this had been made in our dental laboratory, Sam returned for his final appointment where we placed the crown and finally did the filling. Our dentist ensured Sam was at ease at all times and informed of the treatment as we proceeded.


Sam left with the problem tooth resolved with the root canal and a crown to give a cosmetic finish and function for eating. We also applied a filling to prevent any further decay and recommended Sam come for regular hygiene visits to stay on top of his oral health. Sam’s smile has been restored without pain or discomfort.

What did Sam say?

"After a Dental health review I was diagnosed to have a root canal treatment, a tooth crown and a filling. This treatment was actually planned a long time ago, so I was happy to finally be able to do it. The whole experience was very good. Appointment times were perfect, and the hygiene standard is excellent. After treatment I feel much better."

How to restore your smile and oral health

Prevention is undoubtedly better and more cost effective than the cure when it comes to ensuring your dental health. Sometimes, teeth deteriorate and break, meaning we must restore the area and restore function. With regular visit to St Anne's Dental Practice for your Dental health reviews and hygienist appointments we can diagnose any problems early and restore teeth and gums quickly.

Patient Reviews

People are talking about us

The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to St Anne's Dental Practice. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

81 Reviews


26th June 2022

Was able to book an appointment at short notice, and didn't have to wait very long in the waiting room. Very lovely hygienist who made my son feel very comfortable.

24th June 2022

Was not feeling very 'robust' (on strong anti biotics) .... hygienist listened and gave a gentler than usual treatment.

24th June 2022

I have been a patient at St Anne’s dental practice for the past 18 years. The treatment I have received during this time has been outstanding

22nd June 2022

Everything went well

21st June 2022

Lively environment, clean and bright with lots of nice touches. Very welcoming, kind receptionist. Amazing dentist and dental nurse, so professional, friendly and skilled. Can’t praise them enough.

18th June 2022

Both the hygienist and the dentist were friendly and professional, thank you.

17th June 2022

Very professional and attentive staff. Friendly and genuinely interested in me and my treatment. I felt very comfortable and not intimidated through out my visit

15th June 2022

The dentist was friendly, competent and professional and discussed everything with me.

14th June 2022

a professional and pleasant practitioner

13th June 2022

All v good

12th June 2022

Got a really quick appointment, professional and caring service. Trust my clinician, helpful, friendly, have been using this practice since I was a child.

10th June 2022

All staff very caring. Premises comfortable and clean. No waiting.

10th June 2022

I have been using St Annes for a good time, and Susan Brink is one of the best dentists I have visited. The only annoying thing now is that I have to fill in this survey, so it stays that way.

8th June 2022

My front tooth had fallen out and I was in a panic..I went stright to St Annes and was given an appointment in one hours time. I spent the time watching a programme they had on screen about baby animals, it put me in a good mood.

3rd June 2022

The treatment was quick, efficient and pain free and the team were brilliant - considerate, skilled, inspired a lot of confidence and trust.

31st May 2022

The whole process of booking, explanation at every stage of my my treatment could not have been better

27th May 2022

1st class

27th May 2022

I particularly like my personal dentist who is very understanding and helpful with advice.

26th May 2022

The whole team were very friendly and the dentist was very professional, I had a long appointment for a root canal to be removed, antibacterial treatment applied and sealed. I had no pain or discomfort during the procedure and was regularly asked if I was ok.Although this is the type of treatment nobody would want I was reassured before the appointment in the dentist’s ability to undertake this work and that this was the best approach if my tooth is to be saved. I am now keeping my fingers crossed it works so we can avoid an extraction…

25th May 2022

I experienced increasing pain over the weekend following an extraction the previous week. I rang for advice, the receptionist - as usual was very helpful - spoke to the dentist, rang me back a few minutes later & I was able to see the dentist & have treatment half an hour later. Everything was explained clearly & I felt I received excellent, caring treatment.

24th May 2022

Because I felt that I had the dentist and hygienist's full attention and that they took care to make me feel comfortable.

23rd May 2022

All was just as it should ideally be: helpful, considerate, constructive, friendly.

20th May 2022

Everything - check up and hygiene appointments - was expertly done, as was the advice I received. And a six-monthly appointment was subsequently and easily made.

20th May 2022

Marion was aware of my problems , dealt efficiently with them and explained to me how I could best help myself with future maintenance of my oral hygene.Thank you.

20th May 2022

Everyone was courteous and very friendly.

19th May 2022

My anxiety and apprehension resulting from childhood experiences was fully acknowledged and respected. All options were clearly explained to me and I was supported in a calm and reassuring manner.

19th May 2022

seen early , but at ease, no pain

19th May 2022

Very efficient. Nice ambience in waiting room, very relaxing. Very polite receptionist, good hygienist and dentist.

19th May 2022

all went perfectly smoothly. The question on dental nurse was irrelevant as none was involved

17th May 2022

Professional dentist. Nice calm manner and explained anything I needed to know.. Took time to check my teeth and oral health.

17th May 2022

Considerate, efficient clinicians and helpful receptionists. Maintained high level of Covid safety standards

16th May 2022

We are covered by Denplan insurance and are very glad this covers regular visits to the hygienist. I have seen Chrissie for several years and remain one of her many loyal patients. She coped amazingly with PPE during the pandemic, keeping us safe. Thank you Chrissie.

13th May 2022

Dr Brink is a very engaging, reassuring presence and I feel completely confident in her abilities.

12th May 2022

It was a positive experience from the moment I arrived. The receptionist was courteous and helpful, and the reception area felt pleasant and calm. Both my appointment with the hygienist and the dentist were on time, and during both appointments everything was explained clearly to me, and any questions I asked were answered clearly and thoroughly. It was very straightforward to book my next appointments, and I received prompt confirmation of them by text and email.

7th May 2022

Punctual appointment for hygienist and check up. Both were efficient, thorough and caring

7th May 2022

Friendly dentist who made me feel comfortable and to my knowledge did a good job

5th May 2022

Kind professional staff throughout the practice The recent changes have made a big improvement.

5th May 2022

Went perfectly well, nobody assaulted me and there were no international invasions while I was there

2nd May 2022

I received expert treatment, immediately it was required (within 24 hours). It was quick, professional and I felt no pain.

30th April 2022

All went well . No fuss .

30th April 2022

The personal care and knowledge made for orthodontic treatment to feel easy, fully supported and in the best hands

29th April 2022

Very friendly helpful & caring

28th April 2022

I have been coming to St Annes many over 25 years and am always pleased with the service.

28th April 2022

Jane the receptionist was kind and courteous as always, the dental nurse that Adam had was so slick you could see how excellent she is at her job and as for Adam - he’s the best dentist I have and it’s clear how much he geeks out on getting my teeth straight and healthy. Always a pleasure to visit the team at St Anne’s. Keep up the stellar work!

28th April 2022

Very well looked after

27th April 2022

I was slightly worried when Hakan left as I’m slightly phobic about dental treatment. I needn’t have worried Adam is incredible too. We’re very lucky to have such talented dentists do close!

23rd April 2022

Excellent staff and service

22nd April 2022

Pleased a problem was detected and urgent referal made

22nd April 2022

Very smooth experience, pleasant waiting area, friendly professional staff.

21st April 2022

Everything was as I expected, efficient and effective. I did not have to wait beyond my appointment time. The dentist and assistant were freindly and kind.

20th April 2022

Everything went well, my dentist was excellent and it was a good appointment.

20th April 2022

No waiting. Treatment was as I expected it to be. An efficient service

8th April 2022

Efficient expert and friendly staff

6th April 2022

Lovely staff, high standards in everything.

4th April 2022

It was, always is, friendly, prompt, flexible and competent. Thank you.

30th March 2022

the complete experience was faultless.

25th March 2022

Already supplied in the questionnaire

25th March 2022

Everything happened as it should. The only downside is your searching for praise via this survey. The onsite team all did their jobs well.

24th March 2022

I have been a patient at St Annes for nearly 40 years and I have always been more than satisfied with my care

23rd March 2022

New dentist to me, was really clear about what was proposed and his recommendations. Good 'bedside manner' and I felt very comfortable

23rd March 2022

Everything ran smoothlyWell looked after

19th March 2022

Professional, courteous, competent staff

17th March 2022

It was everything I expected a private practice to put me FIRST

16th March 2022

My dentist, Adam Cuthbertson, is a very competent and friendly dentist. He always explains in details the different options available and often hands me a mirror so that he can show exactly what's going to be done and why. He is friendly and courteous, as is all of the team at St Anne's Dental Clinic. By far the best dentist I have been to so far and I have been to quite a few, in the UK and abroad.

15th March 2022

Adam and his dental nurse are calm and helpful during treatment.I am particularly pleased by the way that Adam keeps in touch to ensure that you are ok.

11th March 2022

Explained fully options, what was going on, my wellbeing and quality of care

11th March 2022

Excellent care and expertise

11th March 2022

Always friendly and extremely helpful regarding my on going health

9th March 2022

Dentist friendly, listened to concerns (of the moment i.e. not lying flat) and re state of my teeth. Gave options with costs.Took x-rays which I was able to see. Gave explanation.Good as it could be!

9th March 2022

Very well explained, very little pain, very competent staff

8th March 2022

Very friendly and courteous attention throughout. Skilled and professional treatment from dentist., who took a lot of time to save my tooth rather than extract it. I have a beautiful new crown when I might have been looking at a dental plate or beginning the process of getting an implant. Many thanks again Adam!

4th March 2022

not much to add - have answered relevant questions.

4th March 2022

Check up and cleaning done efficiently and politely.

3rd March 2022

Everyone is very understanding and caring, really do put the patient first, always allow time and I never feel rushed. Always made to feel at ease and thoroughly supported throughout the whole appointment. The service provided is excellent, they are an amazing team

3rd March 2022

Very friendly, knowledgeable and caring hygenist

2nd March 2022

Problem quickly identified, treatment required rapidly decided upon, appointment made and clinician came in on his day off. Treatment was quick, thorough, as comfortable as it could have been and virtually painless.

2nd March 2022

I was an emergency patient. All Staff were helpful and kind. The dentist was excellent and gave options. All round good experience. One doesn’t say that too often!

25th February 2022

Everyone is very helpful you are not rushed and they listen to you

24th February 2022

Appointment was on time, very happy with all that was explained and carried out, very pleasant which is why I come to St. Anne's

23rd February 2022

Quick, friendly, professional and easy

22nd February 2022

Everything was explained clearly. I was given options and choices

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